The Main Reasons Why Dogs Bark

There are several reasons why dogs bark. Like other animals, all dog breeds seek to communicate with those who are in their immediate environment. They do this by making sounds that alert us to their mood, warn us of danger and give us insight into their thinking. It is not always easy to interpret a dog’s bark. This article should serve as a guide that will help you to understand what your canine companion may intend the next time you hear barking.

Dogs Bark to Make Members of Their Pack Aware of Danger

Dogs are pack animals and in most households, they regard humans as the leaders of their pack. If they see a stranger approaching, they are likely to bark to alert humans and other canines that may be a part of the family. This usually works, as both children and adults know that they should investigate if they hear this sound.

If your dog sees an object that makes it fearful, they will also bark. They are frequently scared of sudden noises such as thunder and will bark if they feel threatened during a thunderstorm. Rowdy neighbors, festivities such as fireworks and large or threatening objects such as trucks can also cause this type of reaction.

Dogs Bark When They Want Something

Dogs may sometimes bark when they want something from you or another member of their pack. For example, if a family pet wants to go out for a walk, it will usually bark to let you know. It may even grab its leash and stand by the door in order to reinforce its message.

If it’s dinnertime and no one seems to have noticed that they are hungry, your canine companion will bark. The sound that they make at this time will be different from the one they make when they see someone they do not know or they feel that you are being threatened by another individual. They may even bark at a neighbor who they do not like for some reason.

Dogs Bark to Greet Others

Dogs bark when they see someone they like. This type of bark is a happy greeting and is usually accompanied by playful body language and behavior. They may adopt a submissive pose or run towards a particular person or animal with their tail wagging. The sound they make at this time is meant to acknowledge the presence of people who are welcome in their territory.

The individual they are greeting may not be a friend or relative. It may simply be someone they are excited to see, such as the postman or garbage collector. Canines may also be in a situation that makes them excited and they bark to express that feeling. If they go to a park to play with other dogs, they will bark.


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